HerMin Textile Co., LTD was founded by Mr. Chen Wen-Jin in 1976. This was an era of Taiwan’s economic transformation and the export market started to flourish. In the early stage, HerMin's Tainan plant mainly focused its production of "woven plaid fabric", by using all natural fibers- "cotton" based mostly, followed by silk, linen, wool, among others.

The company also selected different kinds of yarn, including Tencel, Modal Rayon, and Viscose to weave more pliant and soft fabric with fuller drape. In order to face the challenges from fashionable young generations and to comply with environmental concerns, HerMin Textile has developed fabrics using these state-of-the-art fibers: Lycra, Nylon, Organic Cotton, Recycle Polyester, Sorona, Polypropylene, Xylitol and UMORFIL®, just to mention a few. The new fabrics have been well accepted by consumers around the globe due to their multi-function features in comfort, refinement and style.


HerMin Textile vows to follow our predecessor's belief and keep our relentless pursuit of producing ecological, sustainable and environmental friendly fabrics. In addition to our persistence in acquiring all natural material in weaving our cloth, we also further reinforce our R&D and design capabilities by putting more business resources to manufacture more creative new products. To produce the refined fabrics with exquisite quality and phenomenal design is our company's ultimate goal.

Our efforts in the last four decades have paid off with success. HerMin is well versed in production know-how to Taylor-make customers' specific and unique requirements. We work together with our clients as a partner to develop the products with leading fashion and advanced design. Our dedication to customer service and contribution to the textile industry have been rewarded by the consistent support from our clients and the positive response from the market.

MIT (made in Taiwan)

MIT (made in Taiwan) is our business philosophy. We are committed to devoting ourselves to a better and cleaner Taiwan. We aim to continuously improve our technology for more upscale and higher end products in accordance with strict environmental regulations. HerMin received a diamond class "Green Factory “certification in 2013, and is expecting another certification of "Clean Factory" as well. Currently we are planning to open and refurbish our plant as a "Cultural Creative Tourism Factory ”. A project of establishing "HerMin Textile Museum" is also under way to display local textile industrial development history and to interpret HerMin's production experience and business philosophy. Its purpose is especially to communicate our creative design concepts and share our innovative products with the public.

Through our endless pursuit of perfection in products and everlasting passion to the culture of our home island, we will continue to excel as a top creative, innovative, eco-fashionable, and competitive business in the global market.

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