Downproof Cotton Fabric

HerMin organic cotton mill's wind and down proof fabric is manufactured from thousands of thin cotton fibers with special weaving techniques. Based on the principles of geological compaction, the weave is durably compacted using pressure and temperature, thereby giving the material its characteristic glossy appearance. No coating of any sort is applied.

The material is available in cotton and Tencel in a ripstop weave, between 90 to 100gsm. It is a natural alternative to lightweight synthetic cotton. GOTS certified organic cotton fabric options are available.

Lightweight Downproof Fabric

Downproof Cotton Fabric - Characteristics

  • Downproof

Downproof Cotton Fabric - Technology Data Sheet

Downproof CottonNorm / standardUnitDown-Proof
Fabric Width inch 59/60" 59/60"
Tensile Strength ASTM D5034 lb 40×30 40×30
ISO 13934-1 N 400×400 400×400
Tear Strength ASTM D1424 lb 2×1.8 2×1.8
ISO 13937-2 g 2.7×2.7 2.7×2.7
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