Xpore ®

A ultra-thin membrane with 10 billion pores on every square inch, 20,000 times smaller than water droplet scattered relatively evenly. All of the materials and manufacturing process is non-toxic, a sustainable solution to lamination fabrics *Additional Link*

Product Introduction

Xpore® membrane provides excellent performance with minimal impact to the environment. Due to the non-solvent process, lots of pollution elements that are often seen in PTFE membranes are eliminated.


Most of our fabrics that use the Xpore ® membrane achieve a water column of 20,000mm H20 (although some still varies through fabrics). While keeping it waterproof, we also want the fabric to be as breathable as possible, most of our fabrics can achieve a water vapour permeability of 13,000mm H20 or above.

Each of the membrane's production process goes through scrutiny as to ways to reduce environmental impact.

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