Water Repellent

PFC Free

Fluorocarbon-free water repellent agent, abide by GOTS 5.0 standards. Could be applied to various natural and synthetic fabrics, such as crinkled nylon, waterproof canvas, organic waterproof cotton fabrics. Click here to see our Natural Laboratory collection

PFC Free Fabrics

Storm Cotton

Cotton Inc licensed technology. Could achieve 70/30, achieving 70% water repellency after 30 washes. Dries 40% faster than untreated cotton.

Storm Cotton Fabrics

Down proof

Various down proof qualities available, our signature pieces include cotton nylon down proof, 100% nylon down proof, and 100% organic cotton down proof qualities. Click here for more info

For regular base qualities, we could apply down proof coating or insert down proof membrane to meet down proof standards.

Down Proof Fabrics

Bonded / Lamination

Our collection includes 2 layer, 2.5 layer, and 3 layer fabrics. Could achieve up to 30K/10K properties. In addition to common TPU, PU, and PTFE membranes, we also provide special sustainable membranes that fit various performance requirements.

Bonded Fabrics & Lamination Fabrics

Nanofiber Membrane

Derived from electro spinning to formulate nano web membrane structure. Extremely light (1/3 weight of normal membrane) and highly breathable and waterproof.

Nanofiber Membrane Structure Fabrics
Abrasion Resistance Membrane Fabrics
Abrasion Resistance Membrane
Textured Layer Bonded Fabrics
Textured Layer Bonded
2 Layer Bonded Fabrics
2 Layer Bonded
3 Layer Bonded Fabrics
3 Layer Bonded


For fabrics that need performance with durability, we have different types of coating to fulfill your needs.

Wax Coating

Oil-based or water-based wax coating, can either be a clear form or leave a scratch mark for the vintage look.

Wax Coating Fabrics

PU Coating

A more sustainable alternative to traditional PVC coating, and offers softer hand feel.

PU Coating Fabrics

Bee Wax

Pure, unbleached organic bee wax imported from Germany. Excellent for jackets and bags could achieve waterproofness of 1000mm.

Bee Wax Fabrics

The Natural Laboratory

DOWNPROOF Cotton Fabrics

Our wind and down proof fabric is manufactured from tens of thousands of refined but strong cotton fibers with a special weaving technique. Based on the principles of geological compaction, the weave is durably compacted using pressure and temperature, thereby giving the material its characteristic glossy appearance.


WATERPROOF Cotton Fabrics

HerMin ventile-like waterproof cotton fabric is made from extra thin and long-staple cotton fibers using a very tight and traditional weaving technique. When dry, the waterproof cotton fabric opens its pores to breathe. When wet, the over-tightened cotton fibers swell, thereby sealing the weave and making it waterproof.

WATERPROOF Cotton Fabrics


Our softshell fabric is made by combining the careful design of layered weaving and excellent technology and craftsmanship. The fabric surface layer provides protection against rain and wind, while the backside preserves the high water-vapor permeability and enhances the thermal insulation. Depending on its intended application, this material is a truly comfortable alternative to softshell synthetic fabrics.



Micro glass beads adhesive infused fabric, durable, waterproof and have extremely bright reflective properties.

Reflective Fabrics

Reflective Print

Could custom any print pattern.


Stealth reflective

3.5 layer fabric structure, letting the reflective print be hidden under ultra-thin tricot. This construction would create extra durability for the reflective print and can sustain more washes. The fabric would look plain solid before the glow, but once the flash turns on, the reflective print will turn apparent.

Reflective Print Fabrics
  • PFC Free
    PFC Free
  • Storm Cotton
    Storm Cotton
  • Wax Coating
    Wax Coating
  • PU Coating
    PU Coating
  • Bee Wax
    Bee Wax
  • Reflective Print
    Reflective Print
  • Stealth reflective
    Stealth reflective
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