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Taiwan Downproof Fabric & Windproof Fabric Manufacturer - HerMin Textile

The world's first biodegradable downproof fabric - Downproof Cotton Fabric.

Unlike traditional downproof fabrics that are made from polyester or nylon, HerMin's downproof cotton fabric is made from 100% cotton. Using super long staple fiber and really condensed weave, we have created a cotton fabric that is truly downproof, windproof, membrane, and lamination-free.

This feather proof fabric can pass IDFL-20 downproof standards, and be treated with PFC-free water repellent. Our intention for this creation is to make functional fabrics more sustainable and focus on fabrics that can truly biodegrade. For brands that strive for extra sustainability, we also offer GOTS 5.0 standard with organic cotton version and BCI cotton upon request.
 Norm / StandardUnitDown-Proof
      PFC-free GOTS
Fabric Weight   g/m2 100 +/-5% 100 +/-5%
Fabric Width   inch 59/60" 59/60"
Tensile Strength ASTM D5034 lb 40X30 4X30
Tensile Strength ISO 13934-1 N 400X400 400X400
Tear Strength ASTM D1424 lb 2X1.8 2X1.8
Tear Strength ISO 13937-2 g 2.7X2.7 2.7X2.7
Dimensional Stability AATCC 135 2A % 0~-65% 0~-6.5%
Water Repellency AATCC 22 grade L5/70 L3/70
IDFL Test IDFL-20 grade 5/4(0/5 washes) NA
Rain Test AATCC 35 g <1 NA
Air Permeability ASTM D737 CFM <1 <1

Brands That Have Adopted HERMIN Downproof Cotton Fabrics

Klättermusen Adopts HERMIN Downproof Fabric
Amundsen Adopts HERMIN Downproof Fabric
Hess Natur Adopts HERMIN Downproof Windproof Fabric
Nanamica Adopts HERMIN Downproof Windproof Fabric
The North Face Adopts HERMIN Feather Proof Fabric
icebreaker Adopts HERMIN Feather Proof Fabric
Timberland Adopts HERMIN Downproof Cotton Fabric

HERMIN Downproof Cotton Fabric is Suitable for:
- Lightweight Jacket
- Windbreaker
- Downproof jacket
- Overshirt

To allow a faster sample-making procedure, we have various colors available in bulk on hand that could be sold by the yard/meter. Please feel free to contact us for more details about downproof fabrics and windproof fabrics.

HerMin Downproof Cotton Fabric for Shirts
HerMin Downproof Cotton Fabric for Shirts
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