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Founded in 1976, HerMin Textile vows to follow our founder’s beliefs and carry on the relentless pursuit of producing sustainable yet functional fabrics. In addition to our persistence in acquiring innovative material for weaving, we strive to find new sources of environmental-friendly solutions. Our latest project, “The Natural Laboratory”, is about studying the science of bionics and transfer functional attributes into natural or sustainable fabrics. Abiding by the highest sustainable standards, our factory is GOTS 5.0 and OEKO-TEX 100 certified. Here are our latest Natural Laboratory and Eco collection.
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    Eco Friendly Fabric

    Sustainability, from yarn to finish.

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    Outdoor / Performance Fabric

    Water Proof, Anti Bacteria, Lamination, and More

  • Custom Garment Manufacturing

    From design to production, quality is assured.

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    Knit Fabric

    Functional and innovative sustainable fabrics for indoor and outdoor activities.

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    Apparel Fabric

    Yarn/Piece Dye, Dobby, Jaquard and More.

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    Non Apparel Fabric
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    Fast Delivery Fabric

Our Customers

UMORFIL®: Collagen Fiber Derived from the Recycled Fish Scale.

What is Umorfil Collagen Fiber Fabric?

UMORFIL® is a new brand of Beauty Fiber®, using Nanotechnology to integrate ocean collagen peptides originally from Taiwan into the fiber. UMORFIL® collagen fiber fabric provides a moisturizing, skin-friendly feel comprised of easily decomposable natural materials.
HERMIN Textile is one of the few manufacturers in Taiwan selected as a UMORFIL® partner to weave this new technology into high-quality and comfortable apparel textiles.

Upcycled the Fish Scales and Extracted Amino Acids to Create the UMORFIL Bionic Fiber Fabrics.

The UMORFIL® Collagen Fiber Fabric Effect

  • UMORFIL Fabric Feature Moisture and Anti-Static Electricity

    1. Moisture and Anti-Static Electricity

    Compared to 100% cotton, UMORFIL® Beauty Fiber® clothes retain the skin's moisture and prevent skin aging. These natural wearable collagen fiber fabrics maintain healthier, younger skin.

  • UMORFIL Collagen Fiber Fabric is Suitable for Sensitive or Fragile Skin

    2. Suitable for Sensitive or Fragile Skin

    The use of Nanotech for emulsion replaces chemical softener to prevent skin from the allergic rash. Thus, making collagen fiber fabrics is suitable for babies or aged skin.

  • UMORFIL Collagen Fiber Fabric Has a Skincare Effect and Luxurious Hand Feel

    3. Skin Care Effect and Luxurious Hand Feel

    Materials containing collagen peptides and multiple kinds of Amino Acids can provide advanced body circulation for more elastic, smoother, younger-looking skin.

  • UMORFIL Fabric Feature UV Protection

    4. UV Protection

    UMORFIL® bionic fiber fabric can absorb UV-A and UV-B light. Testing from UMORFIL® bionic fiber in SGS lab proves UPF30 capability.

  • UMORFIL Bionic Fiber Fabric Can Regulate Skin Temperature

    5. Regulates Skin Temperature

    UMORFIL® bionic fiber has been tested using the q-max touch temperature instrument. UMORFIL® collagen fiber fabric has a q-max value of 0.111, by JIS Standard, the closer to 0.1, the better the cozy-comfort fabric feel is against the skin.

  • UMORFIL Collagen Fiber Fabric is 100% Natural Material

    6. 100% Natural Material (Biodegradable)

    UMORFIL® collagen fiber is a recycled fiber of animal protein materials; it is composed of easily decomposable rayon and collagen peptides.

  • UMORFIL Fabric with Sustained Function After Wash

    7. Sustained Function After Wash

    The unique procedure of making UMORFIL® collagen fiber fabric retains the collagen peptide effect even after multiple washing.

UMORFIL Collagen Fiber Fabric from HerMin Textile
UMORFIL Fabric from HerMin Textile
UMORFIL Bionic Fiber Fabric from HerMin Textile

UMORFIL® Fiber Product Series

UMORFIL Beauty Fiber

UMORFIL® Beauty Fiber (Cellulose-based): The bionic fiber fabric can be woven or knitted with Tencel, cotton, linen, wool, etc. to achieve the most comfortable touch. Excellent for bedding, shirting, towels, masks.


UMORFIL® N6U®: Nylon-based UMORFIL®, shiny appearance often woven/knitted with spandex for excellent stretchiness. Great for leggings, t-shirts, underwear, athleisure products.

If you have an interest in UMORFIL collagen fiber fabric, please feel free to contact HerMin Textile for more details about bionic fiber fabrics.


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