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Founded in 1976, HerMin Textile vows to follow our founder’s beliefs and carry on the relentless pursuit of producing sustainable yet functional fabrics. Keeping this in mind, we created the “The Natural Laboratory” project which we continuously test the limits of natural fiber, with the goal of transferring functional attributes into natural fabrics in the most sustainable way possible. Our BNS Bouncy Technology allows us to make Cotton, Tencel®and Modal®achieve stretch-ability without using any Lycra®or spandex. Fabrics dyed through our proprietary EZ Dye Technology save more than 80% of steam + water, 70% Alkali + Salt, and 50% or more dyestuff.
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    Eco Friendly Fabric

    Sustainability, from yarn to finish.

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    Outdoor / Performance Fabric

    Water Proof, Anti Bacteria, Lamination, and More

  • Custom Garment Manufacturing

    From design to production, quality is assured.

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    Knit Fabric

    Functional and innovative sustainable fabrics for indoor and outdoor activities.

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    Apparel Fabric

    Yarn/Piece Dye, Dobby, Jaquard and More.

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    Non Apparel Fabric
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    Fast Delivery Fabric

Our Customers

Bouncy Cotton: Where cotton fabrics get stretchy, WITHOUT any elastane. Both Woven and Knits

Functional Knitted Fabric with Permanent UV Resistance,Cooling Effect,and High Elasticity

Bouncy Cotton

Where pure cotton fabrics stretch without any elastane/Lycra.
Woven and Knits both available.

Elastane, also known as spandex or Lycra, is a synthetic fiber commonly used to provide stretch in fabrics. While elastane offers various benefits in terms of stretch and comfort, it does have environmental considerations. By avoiding the use of synthetic stretch like elastane, fabrics with natural stretch can be considered more environmentally friendly. Bouncy cotton is 100% pure cotton without any elastane and is typically biodegradable as well as having a lower environmental impact compared to synthetic stretch fibers.




100% Biodegradable

Beyond Natural Stretch

All Cotton Yarns Suitable

Application for Bouncy Cotton Fabric

300gsm Pique Fabric from Bouncy Stretch Cotton

Pique 300gsm

330gsm French Terry Fabric from 100% BiodegradableBouncy Cotton

French Terry 330gsm

75gsm Poplin Fabric Made of Natural Bouncy Cotton

Poplin 75gsm

 177gsm Dobby Twill Fabric Made of Eco-Friendly Bonucy Cotton

Dobby Twill 177gsm

Popular Products

T-Shirts Made of Natural Stretchy Bouncy Cotton
Skirt Made of High Stretchy Bouncy Cotton

Our products all made in Taiwan with GOTS6.0 and Oeko-Tex100 Certificate

100 organic cotton
Better Cotton Initiative

We also help brands to build their own collections, from product developments to manufacturers with flexible minimum and competitive prices.

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