EZ Dye Cotton Technology

EZ Dye Cotton Technology

Where more than 80% of water, chemicals, and dyestuff are saved. Most importantly, cost too!

EZ Dye Cotton revolutionizes the dyeing process into more environmentally responsible: consuming less water, less chemicals, and less energy. Besides being more sustainable, EZ Dye Cotton also enhances the farbric’s dyeability, allowing it to achieve more vibrant and long-lasting colors. We can also achieve melange/top dye effect through our latest EZ Dye Heather technology.

EZ Dye Dyeing Processes

EZ Dye Dyeing Processes

Environmental Benefits

EZ Dye Cotton Benefits : Less Dyestuff
Less Dyestuff
EZ Dye Cotton Benefits : Less Steam/Water
Less Steam/Water
EZ Dye Cotton Benefits : Less Alkali/Salt
Less Alkali/Salt

% Dyestuff

Conventional Dyeing


2% Conventional Dyeing


4% Conventional Dyeing

EZ Dye


2% EZ Dye


3% EZ Dye

Popular Products

EZ DYE Cotton Clothing

Our products are all made in Taiwan with GOTS6.0 and Oeko-Tex100 Certificate.

100 organic cotton
Better Cotton Initiative

We also help brands to build their own collections, from product developments to manufacturers with flexible minimum and competitive prices.

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