100% Biodegradable Cotton, Modal, Tencel Fabric for Underwear

100% Biodegradable Stretch Underwear Fabrics:
Cotton, Modal, and Tencel

Bouncy Technology: THE ONLY CHOICE for biodegradable stretch cotton/modal/tencel fabrics

Men's Cotton, Modal, Ten Underwear

Have you realized that the greatest obstacle for making a sustainable underwear/clothing brand is the Lycra/Elastane?

Lycra and Spandex, are synthetic fibers made from petrochemicals which have negative environmental impacts. Their production requires energy-intensive processes, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. When washed, clothing containing these materials sheds microplastic fibers, adding to water pollution. These non-biodegradable fibers are difficult to recycle and can take a long time to decompose in landfills, contributing to textile waste.Lycra and spandex may also reduce its durability when it is washed. Our company’s mission is to find the ultimate solution for sustainable underwear fabrics.

Common problems of Lycra / Spandex blended fabrics

1.Durability degrades the moment it is washed.
2.Better to be washed below 30 degrees, and better be hand washed.
3.Vulnerable to alkali and acidic solvents, and heat.
4.Uneven dyeing: Lycra fiber does not absorb dye stuff.

Bouncy Technology

Thus, our Bouncy Technology was born.

Our underwear fabrics are not made through rib or any special textured weave. There is no catch, it's a single jersey and it's that simple. Bouncy Technology is 100% pure cotton with “0” elastane which makes it completely biodegradable and comfortable.

Advantages of Fabrics treated with Bouncy Technology

100% mono component, biodegradable and sustainable.

Easy to take care of, machine wash and tumble dry friendly.

Better breathability than spandex and lycra blend fabrics.

Popular Products

Comfortable Underwear for Women and Men by HerMin

Woman/Man Underwear

Underwear is an essential part of our daily wardrobe, providing not only comfort but also a sense of security and confidence. It serves as a foundational layer, offering support, protection, and hygiene.

Fabrics We Recommend

100% Organic Cotton Fabric for Underwear

100% Cotton / Organic Cotton

100% Modal Rayon or Tencel for Underwear

100% Modal Rayon or Tencel

Our products are all made in Taiwan with GOTS6.0 and Oeko-Tex100 Certificate.

100 organic cotton
Better Cotton Initiative

Bouncy technology can not only be used in underwear, but can also be applied to different fabrics and materials to create more comfortable and environmentally friendly stretch fabrics.

More about Bouncy Technology
100% Biodegradable Bouncy Cotton without Elastane by HerMin - Innovative Stretch Fabric Manufacturer

We also provide finished products for our clients, from product development to fabrics and garments.

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