Our fabric collection incorporates all kinds of sustainable materials, from top-quality organic cotton to recycled nylon, recycled polyester, and polypropylene (PP). In addition, various eco-functional finishes could be applied to these fabrics.

PET + Yarn

Recycled Polyester Fabric

Billions of PET bottles are discarded by consumers annually. The yarns we use are recycled from plastic bottles; multiple yarn counts are available.

Hermin Recycle Polyester Yarns
Fish Net + Fabric

Recycled Nylon Fabric

Derived from process waste and recycled fish nets, recycle nylon provides a sustainable alternative for traditional nylon.

Hermin Recycle Nylon Fabric

Polypropylene Fabric

Solution dye and dyeable Cool Vision(R) yarn, lighter than water and extremely sustainable.

Hermin Polypropylene Fabrics

Tencel Fabric

Lenzing certified mill, providing Tencel fabrics for various uses. Our signature item is Tencel® down proof. No coating or membrane added.

Hermin Tencel Fabrics

BCI Cotton Fabric

Top-quality organic cotton sourced globally.

Hermin Eco Friendly Organic Cotton Fabric

Organic Cotton Linen Fabric

100% and cotton blends inherit quick-dry and anti-odor properties.

Hermin Pure Linen Fabric Supplier

Abaca Fabric

Paper yarn derived from Abaca in the Philippines, requires no chemical treatments or pesticides to self-grow. Natural dry touch and quick dry properties, suitable for outerwear, shirts, and bags.

Hermin Abaca Fabric Supplier

Organic Cotton Wool Fabric

Our collection can provide viyella-like handfeel and at the same time provide functional eco finishes. Great sustainable selection for winter shirting and outerwear.

Hermin Non-Mulesing Wool Fabrics

Sustainable Membranes

To further adapt to the outdoor performance environment, we offer bonded membrane products that are environmentally friendly.

Susterra Membrane Fabric

Bio-based polyurethane derived from corn, lightweight and breathable. Could be applied in two layers and three layers, a great sustainable alternative for outerwear.

Susterra Membranes

Recyclable Nylon Membrane Fabric

Membrane made from 100% nylon, unlike traditional PTFE membranes which are not recyclable, this membrane if applied with a single component methodology (Front and back fabric being 100% nylon), the entire garment could be recycled. Can achieve up to 10K/10K performance.

Recyclable Nylon Membrane

Xpore Fabric

A layer of the unique ultra-thin membrane with 10 billion nanopores in every square inch. The pores are 20,000 times smaller than water droplets, so they perfectly block the rain. But they are large enough for perspiration vapor and airflow to pass through. Perfect for high-performance outerwear jackets, high vapor permeability, and waterproofness.
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Xpore Fabric

Sustainable Coating

Beewax Coated Fabric

Pure, unbleached organic bee wax imported from Germany. Excellent for jackets and bags could achieve waterproofness of 1000mm.

Bee Wax Coating

Lycra T-166L Fabric

Cradle to cradle certified®, the sustainable solution for stretch materials.

T-166L Lycra

Sorona Stretch Fabric

Stretch fabric with sustainable origins. 37% plant-based, using 30% less energy and emitting 50% fewer greenhouse gases than traditional nylon.

Sorona R

Lycra T400 EcoMade Fabric

A spandex-free stretch solution. Made with 68% sustainable resources, have a better recovery rate than lycra, and due to quick dry properties, qualify for COOLMAX®marketing.


Eco Process & Finishing

Hermin continues to invest and research new ways to reduce our factories’ ecological footprint in the environment. By implementing new ways of dyeing and finishing our fabrics, we have made a great process for the reduction of water and electricity consumption.

  • Lycra T-166L Fabric
    Lycra T-166L Fabric
  • Sorona Stretch Fabric
    Sorona Stretch Fabric
  • Lycra T400 EcoMade Fabric
    Lycra T400 EcoMade Fabric
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