Product Name : Shirting
Product Introduction


We offer different alternatives for stretch, with branded yarn such as Lycra, T-400, etc, in mono or four-way stretch. For other shirting qualities, we also offer natural or mechanical stretch for the added comfort.

Stretch Shirt Fabrics

Wrinkle free

Our wrinkle free properties create magnificent hand feel to our fabric. More importantly, it is water absorbent, so it is more comfortable to wear.

Wrinkle Free Shirt Fabrics


Various anti-odor treatments could be applied to our shirting products. Click here for more information.

Anti Odor Shirt Fabrics

Water Repellent + Easy Care

With our proprietary water repellent and wrinkle-free treatment, our shirting fabrics remain white and stay durable after multiple washes.

Water Repellent & Easy Care Shirt Fabrics

Signature qualities include:

Cotton nylon lycra, Cotton Nylon 66, Nylon four-way stretch.


Breeze Cotton

Hermin patented technology that could achieve Qmax >0.16, also has easy-care properties. The concept is through physical property change of cotton, to create an air tunnel between the fabric and the skin.

Breeze Cotton Shirt Fabrics


Natural sweeteners found in certain fruits, vegetables and plants, most often used as substitutes for sugar in gum. It is now used as cooling treatment or in yarn form. The cooling effect is activated when it incurs sweat or moist, it starts absorbing the heat. It is natural and non-toxic, and can actually cool the skin by 1-3 degrees Celcius.

Xylitol Shirt Fabrics

NIR Reflect

Fabrics able to reflect up to X% of sunlight can decrease the temperature by X degree.

NIR Reflect Shirt Fabrics


Dupont patented technology that transports moisture away from the body quickly, to keep the wearer cool and dry.

Coolmax® Shirt Fabrics


Cooling nylon yarn with excellent wicking properties, great for shirting qualities.

Wincool Shirt Fabrics

Collagen/UMORFIL Fiber. Beauty Fiber:

Using Nanotechnology to integrate ocean collagen peptide originally from Taiwan into the fiber. It provides a moisturizing, skin-friendly feel composed of easily composed biodegradable products. Click here for more information.

Collagen / UMORFIL Fiber Shirt Fabrics


NIR Absorption

Absorbs infra ray to keep fabric warm to the body.



Hollow polyester yarn to let air pass through to create “dead air.” Could be blended with cotton or cotton wool to make comfortable winter overshirts.




Various anti-bacterial treatment could be applied to our fabrics both from yarn and fabric stage. All our anti-bacterial treatments at least pass AATCC-100 20 times wash



Our latest durable anti-microbial innovation, an anti-bacterial treatment that contains non-heavy metal, non-consumptive, and is effective 99.99% even after 100 times washing. Click here for more information

Bioguard Shirt Fabrics

Anti-bacterial brands that we work with.

Smartcell Zinc, Santized AG, Viroblock, Silvadure

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For anti-bacterial masks and finished goods please click here.

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